It’s with a heavy heart that I make the decision to close Little Rat Rattery down until further notice. My rats are unwell and it looks as if a virus has come through.. I don’t know when or from where we have picked it up but I need to make this decision for the sake of all the rats. I have spoken to everyone having the babies from this litter (thank you all for being so understanding – you don’t know how much it means to me ❤ ) as they cannot leave this weekend as planned. As it stands, we’ve only had one rat pass as a direct result (although now I am doubting all the rats I’ve lost this year may have been unwell with this without me realising). My vet is BRILLIANT and has been supporting me, we have sent swabs off to the lab, now have medication to try and the option of a biopsy but we don’t really know what we are dealing with, so until we do, *all future breeding plans are on hold*. If you are on the waiting list, all I can ask is for your patience with this and I will let you know when I know more. Thank you for bearing with me, I’m utterly devastated. Rhiannon, Little Rat Rattery.




The Most Difficult Intro…

Here are Patch, Ralph and Bug.

Patch is the hooded, Ralph is the roan dumbo and Bug is the black berkshire dumbo.

Boys cuddling

I fell in love with these boys in a pet shop last March (something which I would strongly recommend against doing.. I’ll explain why below!)

Things went really well with these boys for the first few months, they were quarantined at my mums (really important to quarantine rats from “questionable” places for two weeks in a completely different air space before introducing them to your rats!). They introduced into my group of little rats really well and lived there without issue for a good couple of months.

Then Patch started picking on Mowgli and Ruben. I mean really picking on them, to the point where Mowgli did not leave the small sputnik (which he really did not fit in!). I realised he was actually very much hurting him, and decided to remove Patch. This was not going lightly, but needed to be done to keep my boys safe. Patch was puffed up all the time, and seriously unhappy. As soon as he was out of the group, Ralph became alpha and took over where Patch left off. He made my boys as miserable as Patch ever did. I took him out for a few hours and Bug started. Bug was always the calmest of the boys, but stepped right into his brothers’ shoes picking on the Little Rats.

So now I have Patch alone and Ralph and Bug in together. Patch ended up being alone for around three months. Bug and Ralph started picking on each other very badly, waking me up at night with their fights.

I sat down and had a long thought, I decided that all three needed castrating, initially I was thinking just Patch but all three were so miserable, puffing up and screaming as soon as they went near each other that I thought it needed to be all three.

One Sunday, I decided to give an intro one last try, if it didn’t work, I would call the vets on Monday. I told the boys that they would become nad-less if they didn’t sort it out and like an absolute miracle it did! (All three had been living as lone rats at this point!)

We started with the bath with two inches of water. They all went in together, no puffing up and no one even looking like they might start a fight. After about 15 minutes, I dried them off and let them free range on the sofa for about half an hour – again, no issues. I put them into the carrier together and set up the hospital cage (very small cage!) with just substrate and no food. They all went in there and after a couple of hours, I scatter fed them. We started off with them all sleeping in separate corners of the empty cage and after three nights they were sleeping in a pile, there were a few minor scraps but no puffing up. After a week I added a single hammock, we had some fights over the next two weeks, but nothing major.

After three weeks I moved them into the mamble cage and they had their hammock and nothing else and they fought badly, Bug was terrified and clung to the bars at the top of the cage. I took the hammock out and they calmed down, after a few days they had the hammock back and I tried adding some toys, they fought, but not as badly as the last time. So I took everything out and left the hammock – no issues. At four weeks I added a dome bed on the bottom of the cage, at five weeks I added the toys.

They only got their food bowl back this week and they feel very settled. They all sleep together, either in their hammock or in their bed and we haven’t had a scrap in weeks. They are happy and settled and can free range together and go back in the cage with no issues! I would ideally like them to be in my group, but thats just me being fussy and actually, they’re happy as they are.

It doesn’t work all the time, but having patience (and bravery when they fight!) can pay off. I was terrified about trying this intro as I was sure they would seriously hurt each other but we took it slowly, and they have learnt to trust each other again. All throughout the boys have been lovely and calm and cuddly with me.

If you have any questions about difficult intros or any intros in general, please get in touch and I’m happy to talk it though.

Thanks for reading!

Little Rat Rattery

Below is the work in progress.. starting with the bath, moving to the boys ignoring each other, to cuddling up together!

EDIT – an update on their progress

Very sadly, about a month after, all was still going well and we suddenly lost Patch, very unexpected and he has just passed away in the night. I was heartbroken but very grateful that he had managed to calm down and enjoy his brothers company in his last few weeks. He was around 10 months old when he passed away.

Ralph and Bug were always the calmer two of the trio and one day I just decided to try again with putting them in with the Little Rats. I started the process again, they started in an empty bath, into the carrier and then into the small hospital cage. There was not one fight. After a few hours with no issues I cleaned the Savic, blocked off the bottom half and rearranged the top half. I then just put all the boys into the top half of the Savic and there were no issues. A week later, I opened up the Savic and now, for around 4 months, Bug and Ralph have lived very happily with the Little Rats and since I have added boys from another breeder and they stayed as settled as before.

I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome, I am sad that Patch never made it this far but my boys are so much happier now and no one needed to be castrated. Sadly, Ralph has stared to look very elderly, despite having only just turned a year old. He is already slowing down and acting like a rat more than twice his age. My boys are gentle with him and he still makes the best nests out of any of my boys, carrying mouthfuls of bedding around and rearranging all the substrate on clean out day!

We got there in the end ❤

Updated Website for 2018!

New Year New Me and all that!
I have decided 2018 is going to be Little Rat Rattery’s year! I have changed my working hours, so I have more time and energy to dedicate to the rats, pushing my breeding plans forward and attending more shows!

Small steps to start with, I have spent a fair amount of time this evening revamping the individual pages of this website, changing some bits about and putting in more up to date information including lots of new information about Feeding and Health.

Please feel free to take some time to have a look! If there is anything else you would like to see here then please let me know!

Websites become out of date pretty much as soon as they are written, so for the most up to date information please go on to the Little Rat Rattery Facebook Page. Feel free to send me a message through Facebook if you would like to be added to my waiting list for babies.


Two babies ❤

Thank you!


Little Rat Rattery

New additions to the Website

I have spent a fair amount of time today re-doing the individual pages of this website and adding new photos, and more up to date information.

Please feel free to take some time to have a look!

Websites become out of date pretty much as soon as they are written, so for the most up to date information please go on to the Little Rat Rattery Facebook Page. Feel free to send me a message through Facebook if you would like to be added to my waiting list.




Little Rat Rattery



Apologies for being so so quiet for almost a year. In September last year I took in 37 rescues, their cages were awful and VERY cramped, but despite that the rats were wonderful, very loving and surprisingly healthy and friendly. The main issue we had (other than one female with a lump and an elderly male with a ZGT) was that once they had new cages and more space they battled to defend their territories and I had some very very hormonal males on my hands. This ended with one of the rescues, Bear, which had been successfully introduced to my boys fought with one of my boys and my boy, Herbert, was so badly hurt he has to be put to sleep on Christmas Day 😦

That said, I still have Bear, a agouti berkshire, as a lone boy, and he is very cuddly, but even having him castrated hasn’t worked in introducing him to other rats. He will stay here for the whole of his life and his company will be people. He lives in the Rattery so is surrounded by other rats.

I also kept Serafina, the lumpy black and white hooded girl, her lump has just grown back after her lump removal over nine months ago. I also have Iorek, a pink eyed white dumbo, a very nervous aggressive boy who has settled down so much since his castration that he now lives a wonderful life as an enormous white pillow for my ladies! I also have Jessie, a gorgeous young hooded siamese dumbo who was wonderful company for my old Louie as he has suffering with CHF. He is still very shy but has settled in with my boys so well.

So now baby plans will be resuming after a full year break. I will update once I have any updates!
In the meantime, head over to the Little Rat Rattery Facebook page for more up to date information.


New cages!

New cages!

Meet my new Savic Royal Suite cages!
I am so amazed by the sheer size of these fantastic cages, they are HUGE!
My rats absolutely love them, well they love the top half, most of the time, they never venture down to the second half… strange animals!
I have been looking to get some second hand SRS cages for over 18months (my pocket couldn’t reason buying two new ones!) and now here they are!

Burmese litter

Burmese litter

Little Rat Rattery are proud to announce our first litter of burmese!
I have bred wheatens and siamese before but never standard burmese and in my current litter I have sables, burmese, siamese and siamese rex 🙂 they are a beautiful litter and have all inherited beautiful mum Mabel’s bright eyes and very expressive dumbo ears!
They all have homes now but if you are interested in reserving babies from my future litters then please email me at littleratrattery@live.co.uk